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Bem-vindo caro visitante, informamos quer  o blog FirebirdPT tem um novo endereço:


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Windows Vista, erro ao abrir Control Panel após instalação de Firebird

Depois de instalar Firebird, o aacesso ao control panel comea crashar.


remover ficheiro:  Windows\System32\Firebird2Control.cpl

Control PAnel applet Aplication do Firebird

“firebird2control.cpl is a FB2Control belonging to Firebird Control Panel Applet from IBPhoenix”

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Extrair parte de um campo Data (Datepart em Firebird)

Extract(Day From current_date)
, Extract(Month From current_date)
, Extract(Year From current_date)
from rdb$database;

13.01.2009    13.01.2009 19:28

Extract(Day From current_date)
|| ‘-‘
|| Extract(Month From current_date)
|| ‘-‘
|| Extract(Year From current_date)
from rdb$database;

->  13-1-2009

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How to get the Firebird server date and time?

There are two variables available, CURRENT_DATE which returns the current date and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP which returns date and time. You can use those in SQL statements:

insert into t1 values(10, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP);

To query the current time, use this:

Select current_date, current_timestamp
from rdb$database;

You need to select from something and rdb$database is a convenient one-row table that is present in each database.

You can also assign those variables in PSQL (stored procedure and trigger language):

create procedure p1
if (current_timestamp > cast(‘2007-11-03’ as timestamp)) then
exception myerror;


It should be noted that CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns the timestamp of transaction start, which means it is constant during the transaction. If you need the exact timestamp of that very moment, use a special value ‘now’. It’s a char(3) string, so you need to cast it to timestamp explicitly.

select cast(‘now’ as timestamp), cast(‘today’ as date)
from rdb$database

As you can see, the same rule applies for CURRENT_DATE, and you can use a special value ‘today’, to get the current value.

The reason behind all this is that transactions should be atomic, so CURRENT_DATE and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP provide consistency. Especially in 24/7 systems it can easily happen that the date changes between transaction start and end.


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How to calculate hours, minutes or seconds between two time values?

If you have time values, just subtract them, and you’ll get the interval length in seconds:

select end_time – start_time
from …

If you want to get minutes, divide the result by 60, and if you want hours by 3600.

If you have timestamps instead of times, the difference is in days, so you if you want seconds, you need to multiply the value by 60 * 60 * 24.


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Case sintaxe


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Refreshing a SOAP WSDL import file with Delphi

I’m consuming a web service from a Delphi desktop app and both the web service and the desktop app are being developed at the same time.   Because the WSDL generated by the web service can change, I need to refresh the service interface code that the Delphi code uses to access the web service.  It corresponds to the web references class that a .NET app would use to consume a web service.

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